doggso account

What is a doggso account?

When you create an account to any of the schools hosted on the platform, you create yourself a “doggso” account. You can then use your email/password combination to log in to any of the schools using doggso and when you enroll to a course or make a booking in another school, you don’t have to provide again your information such as address, phone, dogs, etc.

How is the doggso account used?

You can log into any of the schools hosted on doggso with your doggso credentials. However, your account data will be shared with the school only if you enroll to a course, make a booking or a purchase on the site.

When your doggso account has been used in a school, that school has access to your profile information such as your address, phone number and your dogs’ information and only the transactions you do within that school. Neither you, nor the school administrator can within one school’s webpages see the activity like enrollments or bookings in other schools.

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