Resources are entities that can be "book". There are three type of resources:
  • General bookable space (for example a training field or hall)
  • Service-only space (a space bookable only as a part of an offered service)
  • Staff - example a trainer or a person executing services such as gooming, trimming, etc.
As school can offer any combination of resource and service bookings.

Resource attributes

  • Resource name - visible to users and admins 
  • Resource type - one of the types described above
  • Booking increments (minutes) - an admin can define the increments for a resource booking. For example, an increment of 10 minutes means that bookings can be 10, 20 ,30, 40,... minutes long.
  • Minimum time between reservations - for example resource cleanup or preparation time
  • Price per unit - define the price pe increment. For example, a price of 30 EUR per unit and a booking increment (a unit) of 60 minutes means that the resource costs 30 EUR/h
  • Group - resources can be grouped for convenience purposes
  • Color - resource color to be used in the booking calendar
  • Status - an inactive resource cannot be booked
  • Visibility - a resource can be "hidden" from users and only use internally 
  • Description - resource description field can be used in email templates as a variable. It can be used to give out information only to users who book a resource, for example an access code to a hall.
  • Services provided - in case the resource is also used for providing services, this is where the services are defined.

Example USE CASe

The school offers a training space such a field, hall, arena, etc.  that can be directly booked by your customers. Let's say the bookable resource name is "Arena" and users can get into the "Arena" by themselves also when no school personnel is available, by using a door code.  You'd like that the users successfully booking "Arena" get the code in the an automatic email they recieve with the booking details. For this:
  • Via "Admin" menu, go to "Resources" and click on the "Arena" resource.
  • In the "Description" field put in the explanation on how the users can get into the arena, including the door  access code.
  • Via "Admin" menu, go to "Texts" -> "Email templates" and edit or create the email template for "Booking successful"
  • In the text of the template use the - where you want the description to be inserted.