Resource reports

The system can create a "resource report" that can be used for example in paying out trainers and worker who are not employees.

For example, if a trainer or worker is supposed to get x% of the revenue their courses and/or their private training classes or any other services are generating, the system can calculate who much a trainer should be paid in a certain period.

For that, few things must be in place:
  • trainers and worker must have associated resources and they must be correctly allocated to courses and service bookings. For example if a course has 5 sesssions but if, for example the trainer is getting sick and is substituted by another trainer - then the specific course booking for that day must be updated as well so the right trainer gets the pay
  • at school level a "school share of the revenue" must be defined. This percentage can also be defined/adjusted on a course basis.
  • a "cut-off" date must be defined per school (currently by default 1.1.2022). Only courses starting after this date will be taken into calculations
The calculation method for a course is as follows:
  • the income of all enrollments for the course is added up together. This includes possible discounts or penalties (for example a participant cancelled but still had to pay half of the course)
  • in case the participant used a sarjakortti or a kausikortti that gives 100% discount, then this discount is ignored
  • the school share is extracted from the revenue
  • the remeining sum is divided by the number of course dates to get the "per session" payment
The raport is available per resource via "Administration" -> "Resources" - click on the "document" icon on the right side of the resource row. By default the last two weeks are shown but the time period can be changed in the bottom of the report page.