January 2021 Release Update


  • Purchase and redeeming of gift cards requires now zero effort from school admin. The automation is build on doggso's built-in webshop and doggso functionality to generate "codes" that can be redeemed as store credit.
  • Users can buy  a gift card in the web shop. Upon payment they get the email with the automatically generated code and a link to a downloadable PDF gift card that they can forward or print. The gift card contains the code and detailed instructions on how it can be redeemed. Read more here: https://doggso.com/pages/4216?toc=3127

course material AS STRUCTURED WEB PAGE

  • The "course material" capability has been extended and now covers not only files, but entire web page "trees".  The existing functionality to associate files to course categories and courses themselves as "course material" remains.
  • The access control to the course material (allowing access only to enrolled users and only for a limited time) has been extended to cover the course web pages. 
  • For users it is now easier to view and navigate course material on phones and tables. In additional it is harder for users to share the material to non authorized users.
  • For the school it is easier to maintain the material and keep it up-to-date. 
  • This feature allows the school to structure the course material more intuitively with 'per week' content and targets.
  • The use of "snippets" make it easier to maintain course material used by multiple courses.


  • doggso allows now to configure sending "course day alerts" as email and/or SMS.  "Course day alerts" are messages sent in the early morning of the day in which the course has a scheduled training. It reminds the user of the training happening that day
  • A school can use this alerts to (re)send information such as the time and the location of the training, trainer contact info, a link to the course material with a possible extra recommendation to get prepared or read the material.

WEB SHOP improvements

  • Implemented 'full-text' product search capability.
  • Discount codes can be applied at order creation or later on, by editing the order.
  • Introduced "exclusive" categories and products - used for example for monthly pre-orders of certain products.
  • Added the possibility to browse product categories with full images, either in a carousel or in a list format.
  • Introduced the possibility to browse the web shop in grid or list mode; improved overall navigation bar.

USER aCCOUNTS improvements

  • The user preferences configuration was extended. Users can now define per school and in a more refined way (marketing; newsletter; sms) what kind of communication and communication channels they allow the school to user.
  • User account status is now shown in the user list and user profile. Read more here: https://doggso.com/pages/4221?toc=3127
  • If the email address associated with an user account has been "permanently rejected" (the address doesn't exist) - no further email deliveries will be attempted to that email address.
  • In the case of a "duplicated" user accounts (for example the user inadvertently created an account by signing in with Facebook) we can provide a possibility to "merge" these accounts. Read more here: https://doggso.com/pages/4220?toc=3127


  • Improved user search and user selection when admin enrolls an user or creates a booking for a user.
  • Implemented XLSX download of user store credits.
  • A "booking buffer" can be defined in school configuration; "booking buffer" means the minimum amount time required between the moment when the user makes a booking to when the booking starts. This helps avoiding the situations when bookings are made "too short notice".
  • In the mailing list tool:
    • a new selection is available: users with upcoming bookings
    • all mass user selections can be complemented with the on/off selection of only users allowing marketing messages
  • Added several new variable for pages and email templates:
    • trainers_emails
    • trainers_phones
    • payment_remaining
    • resource_access_code
  • When cancelling a course, paid enrollments are refunded as credit automatically


  • Improved overall experience when browsing the site while not logged in. When a sign-in would be required (such as when enrolling to a course, making a booking or an order) the sign-in or sign-up possibility is provided "in-place" instead requiring the user to go to a login page and come back to the same point later.
  • Several calendar enhancements and fixes (fixed Safari click), and improved visuals and interaction on phones.