October 2020 Release Update


  • Users can subscribe to get alerts when new courses or course dates are published for their selected course or course categories.
  • On the school website, course category titles and course category texts now have a "bookmark" sign. By clicking the bookmark sign users can toggle on/off getting automatic notifications when new course date are published in that course category and its subcategories.
  • The user gets notified in an email of all courses added in the last 24 hour that match their selection. 
  • School admins can define how the email will look like by editing the COURSE_ALERT mail template.


  • School administrators can "suspend" and "resume" a user account via the user profile management interface.
  • A suspended user account will prevent the user from making new enrollments or bookings. The user will continue having access to their account and all other activities would be permitted as before.
  • A suspended user account will be indicated with a warning exclamation sign triangle in the user list and also in the user profile.
  • When attempting to enroll to a course or make a booking a user will be redirected to a page informing them that the account is suspended and that they should contact the school administrators


  • School administrators can configure sending automatic email notifications for unpaid invoices via the school settings.
  • The administrators can configure the period after invoice due date when a notification would be sent and how many times a notification will be sent for an invoice. Unpaid invoice notifications can be separately configured for enrollments and bookings.
  • Separate email templates can be defined for the unpaid enrollment notifications and for unpaid booking notifications.
  • The notifications can also be configured at course level, for example disable such notifications for a specific course.


  • At course definition the administrator can define a "presales period" (ennakkomyyntijakso) of 1-9 days after the moment the course was created.
  • During the "presales period" only the users who have a "presales unlock code" can enroll to the course.
  • The "presales unlock code" is automatically generated, but it can also be manually defined. Share this unlock code with the users you want to give early access to enrollment.
  • If the course is in the "presales period" the users will be informed on the course page that enrollments are not yet possible and prompted to use the unlock code if they have one.
  • After the presales period ends, the normal enrollments are possible just like before.
  • A presales period of 0 days means no presales - everything works just like before the introduction of this feature.


  • Admins can make "admin notes" for a user. The "admin notes" are managed via the "Admin Notes"/ "Huomautuksia" tab in the user profile. As an additional help, the same admin notes page displays also all the user and admin notes from all the past enrollments and bookings.
  • At this moment trainers, even if the school grants them "extended rights", do not have access to the user's "admin notes".
  • Users do not have access to the "admin notes".


  • Added new variables for email templates for bookings: resource_description and booking_if_present_services.
  • The resource_description allows, for example, to include in the automatic "booking successful" email some information that should only be made known to a user with a valid booking, for example the door code or specific instructions for the training hall.
  • Improved navigation on mobile phones, especially for the admin menu; the scrolling problem existing on some mobiles is now fixed.


  • An idea for a new feature would be the possibility to add a "chat/discussion group" for a course.
  • At course creation, the admin would select whether a course should or not have a "group chat".
  • The group chat would be open to anyone enrolled in the course, starting from a defined amount of days before the course starts (for example one day before the course start).
  • As a first implementation this would be visible online/in the web, via the course page.
  • Read more about the feature here: https://www.doggso.com/pages/4032
  • Write me back your feedback/ideas.